La Fetta Bio Organic Porchetta

Lean half-carcasses, weighing about 45 kg, carefully selected and reared on only GM-free feed and under animal welfare conditions. They are completely deboned by hand, seasoned and tied, first manually and then mechanically. The porchetta is ready to be cooked in gas ovens for about 6 hours, on racks so the fat melts away and does not stay in the product.

Once cooked, they are immediately placed on special trolleys and taken to the blast chiller that brings the core temperature down to +2°C in just a few hours. The following morning, they are cut and vacuum-packed in heat-shrink bags that, after passing through a tunnel under a shower of water heated to 95°C, perfectly shape the slice of porchetta like a second skin, guaranteeing optimal vacuum-packing and protection from knocks during transport and sale.

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