The Porchetta Marchigiana Qm is the symbol and flavor of the Marche region, an added value to the professionalism and quality of our company. The organoleptic characteristics of this product will take you back in time. Our company policy for this reference respects the supply chain of our territory, zero kilometer, from pork to the aromas used. Qm brand products meet important guidelines:

For the production of porchetta, half-carcasses of pigs slaughtered no earlier than 6 months after birth and weighing between 70 and 120 kg maximum are used. The pigs are reared in a closed or open cycle in compliance with the technical and health requirements of the legislation. In our case, rearing takes place in a semi-wild state with free housing, the hybrid breed of pig reared on the ground, fed with raw materials produced by the breeder himself (no use of GMOs). Only free-range, outdoor or indoor rearing with the use of suitable equipment and facilities to ensure animal welfare is permitted.