Turkey Breast

Signoracci turkey breast is made using male turkey breast meat, with the skin and medallion. Born, reared on only GM-free feed, and slaughtered in Italy, it is a quality product and 100% artisan. The first stage of processing involves trimming the meat, seasoning it and netting it to give it the desired shape. It is slow-cooked in a steam oven for about 4 hours, which means the meat stays extremely soft and low in fat. Once cooked, it is taken to the blast chiller and the following day, is vacuum-packed and stored ready to be sold or sliced.

In 2019 we launched Signoracci’s ‘La Golosa’ porchetta-style turkey breast, for customers who appreciate the aroma and flavour of porchetta, but with fewer calories. We use the same ingredients we use to produce our porchetta. Signoracci turkey breast is perfect for the catering sector, bars, supermarket deli counters and stores, and is ideal for low-fat diets.

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