Signoracci’s suckling pig porchetta stands out in terms of quality, tradition and artisan processing; the star of the table at any feast, banquet or event. We carefully select piglets that weigh 25-30 kg and are reared on GM-free feed and under animal welfare conditions. After slaughter, they are boned by hand, leaving only the head as the bony part, seasoned and hand-tied to give them the perfect shape and ensure excellent results when cut. They are cooked for about 5 hours in gas ovens, on special racks so they lose any excess fat. Once cooked, they are placed on special trolleys and taken to the blast chiller that brings the core temperature down to +2°C in just a few hours. The following morning, they are vacuum-packed in heat-shrink bags and placed in a cold room ready for dispatch.
Signoracci’s porchetta stands out in terms of quality and artisan processing. Serve it at parties, banquets or events to add something special to a table built on quality and tradition.

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